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What is included in the Egyptian basket of goods

The basket of goods represents one of the main indicators for inflation in any society , we can say that the doubling of prices of tens of goods in the economy can have no effect on the standards of living of the people but just a slight rise in another products can bring the whole economy to a real troubles, thus , each society is having some priorities in their household consumption and here comes the point , the policy makers do their best to watch the consumption of the majority of people and then construct the household basket of goods that will positively contribute in showing the strategic products that cannot be easily altered in terms of majorly affecting the prosperity of the whole people in the economy, according to our research we have reached that currently the following items represents the main items in the basket of goods in the Egyptian society in the new era:

  1. Petrol : it is clear for every single person living now in the country or survived the days of the second decade of this century how just an EGP 1 rise in the price of petrol can turn the economy upside down, the transportation is one of the most important commodity in the basket of goods of the Egyptian consumers as even the prices of goods changes for the change in the fuel prices , the inflation soared several times when the government subsidy were removed from combustibles prior to the economic reform days.
  2. Sugar : the fuel for people here , you can find sugar as being the main item in any occasion , used for sweetening tea , the other product we are going to include in our basket of goods, sugar is a strategic non-negotiable commodity that people cannot tolerate a slight increase in its prices, once upon a time , a rumour of a sugar supplies shortage tackled the market , just an expectation turned the economy upside down and pushed the prices of sugar to double in 72 hours, although, even the country represented the main supplier of sugar for many of its neighbouring countries but the rumours actually represented a nightmare for the local people, who are already scared to be short of any of their  strategic items.
  3. Tea: as economists say , tea and sugar for Egyptians are composite products , if they cannot live without sugar so they are actually buying it to sweeten their tea, although the Egyptian lands are not valid for planting tea but for some reasons Egyptians liked tea to be their main beverage , you can find tea existing in every single event in the daily life in Egypt, it is a basic product for all income levels and fortunately it is not affected by the amount of income they receive, people here can borrow money to get tea, and in some circumstances , tea is the jargon for the hidden bribery or gratitude in the society.
  4. Bread : the wheat and corn based bakery is the main item used in eating here , the economists think for thousands of time before getting into altering any issue that might affect the bread supply in the Egyptian lands , it is used for being dipped or filled by any type of the local food , the Egyptian jargon of “eating bread” is used to represent the main source of income for them , it is the main item in the breakfast , and the majorly used stomach filler for local people.
  5. Oil : for a society with 36.4% obese population , oil is used as the cheapest source of fats for the people, it is added to every single type of food as a flavour enhancer or a basal frying solution, the morning breakfast for Egyptian contains oil as an additive for fava beans , and used for frying their vegetables, by lunch , you will find oil present as the cheapest source of fats in cooking , and even used for frying desserts, although the people there thinks its harmful to depend on that cheap fat source but actually they cant resist the tasty dishes and the growing obesity.
  6. Tobacco: for a society with a high percentage of smokers , tobacco product being represented as a mouth-watering item for the government to benefit from in increasing their tax revenues, this is because since tobacco is marked as a heavy demerit product , the government feels guilt free when they increase the excise duties on its joint end products, because it will make the government budget flourish without holding the hassles of public opinion rejection.

Those are a sample of the local Egyptian basket of goods , the list still counts but those represents the main items that the current Egyptian household cannot tolerate easily raising its prices.