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Preparing your IBDP Economics internal Assessment (IA Guide)


preparing your internal assessment essays is always a challenge for every economics learner in the IBDP , it is the hassle you face since DP1 and the nightmare that controls your mindset specially if your school is not well structured in conducting this process , although nowadays there is no single school with such a crucial problem in the case of handling the internal assessment files but we have been thinking about how to make this process much more practical and enjoyable for you

Our Educator

We are today introducing our article with one of our most brilliant educators in the field of the IBDP , Mr. Etman , he have been teaching economics for several boards for more than 15 years till date of publication of this article, he is also categorized as one of the Certified IBDP educators in the field of his studies , currently , Mr. Etman is conducting his classes through several schools in Cairo and through his cooperation with IntoHub we are both looking toward making a specific section for his materials to be provided herby in order to enrich the field of education with some valuable materials that can be used for a sustainable educational process as Mr. Etman always claim.

Section 1: preparing your IA ideas

When choosing your article , try to follow the following rules :

  • choose the topic with specific economic idea to discuss , this would make it easier for you to present your point of view in a neat way.
  • use a freeform style in your preliminary version , leave the word count to the end
  • link the article to the topic you are discussing , the purpose of the IA is to make you present your knowledge, your ability to analyze , and how you can link the contemporary topics to your study
  • be specific and straight forward in your writing , this is the only option to make a good essay
  • avoid using jargons , although it might be acceptable in most cases but it does not appeal your IA evaluator, if you plan to use a jargon , make sure it is commonly used in the most of textbooks and articles smoothly.