Economy and Business life Into Egypt

Making business in Egypt: is it efficient?

For an investor to enter the Egyptian market, there might be a lot of legal procedures specially if he/she is looking toward setting a physical existence business, tens of paper work might be needed in order to establish the business , according to several resources concerned with the ease of investment index in several countries , the average time for setting a new business in Egypt takes an average of 21 business days, that is considered a long time when we look to united Arab emirates where establishing a business only requires 3 business days and you are ready to operate.

On the other side, Egypt is considered as one of the best countries to invest at for several reasons that we will list them for you:

  • Egypt has one of the largest populated markets in the middle east, with more than 90 million active consumer in addition to foreign visitors from nearer countries like Sudan, Libya and Syria who currently rely on Egypt as one of the markets used to buy their essentials from, then you can reach the markets of several countries just by selling from Egypt.
  • The Egyptians themselves are heavy consuming members for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), if you are selling one of those products, then you have a good chance to boost your sales easily and that will be explained in a separate point here.
  • Just make an offer such as a sales discount , buy one get one free and wait for a stream of unexpected sales , Egyptian consumers prefer such offers and buys in larger quantities even if they do not need the product, then consider dumping your obsolete product with a slight offer.
  • The market where you can convince consumers to buy an apple phone with an android system , that counterfeited Chinese version, then you can sell anything you want to sell just look toward the image , and throw out anything else
  • Selling food, great for you, welcome to the society who enjoys putting anything that is halal and chewable on their mouth, just do a good garnish and go on, don’t forget to make it eye catchy, here, eyes eat before stomachs.
  • Is it a summer season there , then lets dump the market with cheap flip flops and accessories , they will buy anyway , welcome to the place where the clothing items get used out before the expiry date of your yoghurt pack , just sell in a hit and go , and no one will ask you for quality.
  • Do the maths yourself because the consumers are not doing it , an offer for buy 2 get one free may not work but buy 8 get 4 free will work by just increasing the price of the unit , huh!

Getting back to the point, you will enjoy selling here, but be aware, if you lost your reputation once, just change your brand and repeat till profitable, and it will be, but never ever play that game with people in any items that disturbs their emotions, they will really be aggressive and that will be discussed back in a next article.