Economy and Business life Into Egypt

Egypt and economic development modelling – two sides of a coin

If all what you know about Egypt is the pyramids , the camels and the monuments and the pharaohs then we would suggest you open a new tab and start googling Egypt, visiting Wikipedia link that appears in the beginning , finish reading and then come back here.

Egypt is a continuously dynamic model that is working from the start of civilizations, every morning sun is having something new to happen , the days are not alike although events repeat , and here comes the point, they have the pyramids and they have the labour who constructed them , they have the Nile and they have the plants they develop the methods of their plantation and harvesting, they have the beaches and they are serving your sick butt even though it needs development of ways but it will happen one day.

Along the passing years, Egypt have been a beacon for several civilizations trying to invade their lands in order to benefit from their resources , and they do sometimes , but the once who succeeded are the once who followed the norms of that totally distinct group of people who are gathering among an unseen icon , although sometimes it turns to be funny about what is going on the but it still applicable to say there is a reason behind every single action, and here comes the point, there is something unique upon this land.

We can claim that Egypt is one of the most economic development friendly societies around the world and here are the reasons:

  • If you need touristic development to stream an income, they have third of the world monuments distributed among the land here and there , they just need some skilled labour and everything will be ok to make a good historic friendly country
  • If the touristic development is about recreation, beaches and entertainment , it is warm till mid-December, it is not icy in January and February , and it is acceptable till June, August and July might be the hottest , and will be great even to make indoor activities and nightlife in them , add to that , the beaches there are sandy not rocky in most places, add to that , the long beaches are still having a plenty of lands to develop more resources , and their valley if effectively utilized it will be totally usable to supply that hungry mouths from all over the world coming for recreation purposes in addition to raising the standard of living of the local people
  • Do you want a religious tourism, the old holy building of the different religions are here and there for them, whether you want to visit a Jewish temple, a Christian church or an Islamic masjid, everything is there and sometimes it’s a foot walk where you can find the 3 building (refer to abassiya area), then just be prepared for a holy spirit.
  • Do you need sports, fortunately they can do sports more than you can imagine, just they need someone to invest in making that activities , and here is the activities that can be done there : horseback riding , desert racing , hiking , bicycling , water sports , diving , beach sports and even ice sports might be applicable for indoor forms and it already started by one ice hall in Cairo , and who knows , may you be the next investor in that field
  • The activities in  Egypt can be children friendly , farms are available with farm animals everywhere , and the skilled labour to manage the farms are the , and the climate is perfect for breeding that animals , and everything is ready for them , so why not to make it guys , and don’t forget to add some amusements parks somewhere for changing scenes.

We still have other ideas, but it’s time to move for a task, would you have something to share with us, write to us and tell our team.