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Egypt, and a year of COVID

after a whole year of a pandemic around this planet, lets see how our beloved Egypt have been during this year , as we can see , the country have been witnessing a several modes and waves of infection , so lets start by this list to include more details in an easier way :

  1. The country had a very wise policy , they closed the border for inbound passengers , and they have used all the aviation resources to be used to export the Egyptian products , this represented a huge benefit for the country’s current account in the 2020 where all balances of payments even of highly trading countries were suffering
  2. The country was open for tourism since the second half of 2020, but under the conditions of having a valid negative PCR test upon arrival , although the tourism have not been that source of revenue generation in the whole past decade , but according to the changes within the country , it is seen that it would have represented a high portion of the GDP this year if no global lockdown happened.
  3. The lockdown have represented a good opportunity for the local government to increase the pacing of the economic development by having better opportunities to increase the construction in the field of infrastructure without having a significant traffic jams and this offered the country a better opportunity to solve the problem after the end of the lockdown.
  4. The awareness of the people is as expected and as usual, needed some more restrictions, although the government tried its best to be providing the basics to solve this problem , penalizing people , avoiding gatherings , and providing sanitizations for the people at reasonable prices was the remarked great issues by the Egyptian government.