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10 reasons why Egypt is the perfect summer destination for vacationers

When the summer is approaching, your daydreams starts for seeking a place to escape by from your trello tasks , and shut down that mail with a warm out of office notification with a promise of reply that will never happen when you are back, here then , Egypt will assemble a perfect place for summer vacations , even with the disadvantages they claim about the place there but you can turn them to the greatest advantages , and let’s see how can this happens to make you enjoy the place and avoiding the drawbacks everyone claims:

  • Tell me where can you pay USD 100 for a night with a BB offer , here it can goes by for every person , and you can enjoy a light lunch or dinner for just USD 20 , USD 150 would secure a good state of the art accommodation and food in a 4 stars beachside resort , enjoy
  • Travelling with a family or a group of friends, its much more better , beachside villas for as low as USD 200 per day for a moderate sleep friendly place and extreme luxury might reach USD 1000 with amazing facility options
  • Avoiding calls is much more easier here , the network can be blamed for the problem and no one can tell its you closing your devices, that’s great for people with annoying colleagues or customers , the package includes a default do not disturb option
  • Diarrheal medications are really cheap here , then enjoy any junky option with no problem , and even they are sold without prescriptions
  • Are you a food thug , then the open buffets here will satisfy your belly , but refer back to the previous point
  • Fruits and vegetables will be the cheapest for your vacations , then you have a good option to turn to a vegan , also , they are really tasty
  • Are you a night owl , great , welcome to the cities where they never sleep , its is actually great for both , night owls and early birds , there is always something to do around all the day
  • Carnivores , here is your place dudes , grills are sold here per KGS and for USD 25 average you can get 1 kg of a  prey with a side dish and drink
  • Regular smokers will enjoy the USD 2 per packet , it would be a great option but don’t comment on the aroma , LOL
  • Sharm el sheikh is very hot in the summer , stay in the cool water , and anyways all nightlife are majorly air conditioned , its ok don’t be freaky

It is a good place to enjoy a longer vacation for a lower budget , and you will find always something to do , something to eat or something to use around so don’t go for the bads only.