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Should we still use computers in our work

The rise of technology have resulted in too many different ways for people to do their tasks, once a day from a years ago computers were ranked as a revolutionary solution for doing the tasks between several workers remotely, add to that, the ability of that great device in doing some donkey works in an automated manner that saved a huge sums of money and resulted in a greater redundancy and unemployment of labour.

For the current days , we are witnessing another change that is pushing the computers to be redundant, when I say the word computer I mean that desktop bulky device or even the featherlike edition that sits on your lap to finish your tasks anywhere, although the desktops are currently too obsolete to be talked about but it still appears in the scene as one of the forms the device existed by one day and we can neither confirm or deny it is the same concept but with a different forms or shapes , nowadays , the smart phone serves the same role , same techniques but in a different size , we can here so tell that the computing is a concept and not a specific device, and we can look forward the next step of what could replace that screens hanging by the hands of the most populated planet in the milky way.

Computers till nowadays in its desktop form cannot be replaced by any mean , it is still keeping somewhere around our offices as a repository for data , a remote connection device or even a backup if the current technology is malfunctioning for any reason, thus , we still have a plenty of time to say it is dead Jim , or even , I wonder whether the current generation will witness that day or not, oppositely, we have to say that we are still in the era where technology is developing faster than you warm your dinner in the microwave, thus, any ideas might change from time to another because we are not having a specific framework to follow and here comes the point.

Peripherals will do the tasks , but the device will exist for at least more 20 or even 30 years up till the concept is changed , and our next destination will be the human based technology that they are discussing nowadays by residing the human organs with microchips  that performs the computing tasks, will the current generation witness that day of being a transformer creatures or not , that is the question, and that is what the next days will reveal to us actually about the future of humanity. Think with us , and even write to us , till the days come when you will communicate with this article by your ideas through an electronic pulses, and who knows , we may write by brains instead of typing or dictating our devices.