Paper 2 Questions styles and techniques

Short answer questions except for one 15 marks questions 

For the short answer questions you might be required to :


Extract inform the text and interpret them (further comment on them)

You will required in questions (b) and (c) to illustrate your economic understanding using diagrams

The mark for the diagram constitute for half the total mark awarded for the question

After doing the diagram you have to write a short paragraph describing it and it should be linked to the main case study

The 15 marks questions must be linked and referenced to the case study : 

Use the information in the case study text to answer the question 

In the first paragraph , try to include all definitions you can see them helpful in answering the question 

Use the advantages/disadvantages or opinion for/against style while answering the question 

Conclusion is a MUST  , without conclusion maximum marks entitled will not pass the 11-12 marks