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IGCSE Economics Exam June 2015 Answers


Emigration is people leaving the country for other countries, the country might benefit from emigration only if the local resources are not enough to satisfy the needs and wants of the people in the country

on the other side , emigration might not be beneficial because majorly the people leaving the country are the skilled labour , and this result in less productivity within the economy , if the emigration is high in terms of local skilled labour then this would represent a problem , but if the skilled labour are keeping in the country and the emigration is happening from unskilled labour this would mean that the standards of living will increase because productivity will increase.


unemployment happens when people who are willing and able to work cannot find a job , firstly , people might get unemployed due to structural unemployment , as some products faces a low demand on them and thus this would result in a lower production, the decrease in the production will make the business owners decrease the amount of labour and make people redundant.

also , if machines started to replace labour in doing specific tasks , this would mean that people will be unemployed because they are replaced by machines , since machines may be more productive and less costly than workers.