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Egypt and e-learning: the forsaken mix

Before the days of Covid-19, Egyptians never thought about e-learning as an option, the traditional learning continued to be the king, and nothing else, thats why the process of e-learning have been never visited by the Egyptian educators and never went to the point of view of the parents , who are ruling the process as being the main funders for the stakeholders in the learning sector.

Since the first day of the pandemic , no one have been claiming to have a set plan for contingency, the process even as implemented from the first day have been chaotic , inconsistent and looking as being randomized, and as usual , social perception have directed the process into the sarcasm , that turned to a black comedy, when the lockdown was prolonged, and the situation became more sophisticated.

Day after day and every person within the field of education started to realize that it is better to catch up the late train for now better than just waiting for the next , and here came the crisis , the Egyptian mindset for the once who doesn’t know reject the notion that we are not into everything , and the loads of programmers , content writers , computer gurus and even administrators thought its the beginning of the new wave to ride.

in Egypt “The Sabbooba” is a nickname for the easy money game , and everyone here beleives that being rich is not for luck, the religious once beleive its god will , the conservatists beleve its for experience , but all the categories though beleive in the “Sabbooba” , and now it turns to the tragedy.

IntoHub had the chance to talk with one of the educators while keeping his name in custody, he works as a teacher in one of the schools in Egypt and said “from the first day in the lockdown, we knew that the eyes will go toward the e-learning to start exploring it, after years of denial and avoidance , denial from the parents who never seen the electronic gadgets as nothing more than entertainers, and avoidance from educators who are known to lack technology literacy for several reasons” , but as he claimed, it was the time for getting to the wave for getting extra pennies , and here came the problem , the process was worsened , which fed the belief of the parents again about that forsaken devices that have been never mistaken for being just an entertainment tools.