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Cambridge AS Economics 9708 sample answer

welcome back ,our dear learners. as per your request in our previous articles, with Ecoducate sponsoring, it have been marked that you requested more example materials , to be included within our course context, in order to help you find better ways to solve your economics essays. thus , we are providing today this example from the answers of paper 2 exam for June 2017 variant 1 question 2A .

This question have been discussing the following, the public goods and the merit goods, the excludability and rivalry concepts , you can review the exam papers and apply on the essay included here:

This answer have been chosen in accordance to the following :

  • The answer is inclusive , well organized and descriptive
  • The paragraph structure is clear and straight to the point

Warning : this question answer cannot be used as an evidence as long it have been provided previously by one of the learners , thus , you need just to use the ideas or paraphrase it to ensure its validity.