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AS Business studies 9609 Sample Answers

For learners with evidence in the AS business for this year , we are providing this set of sample answers that might help them to prepare for their studies and get more grades in their local examinations within their school , the following page will be containing some information and daily updatable to include more information you might be needing to prepare your files easily, we are starting by the past papers but we will find you more questions to solve from several textbooks and resources you are normally using in schools

Starting with 2018 exams you can find the following

November 2018 Paper 1 Variant 1 :


another answer for the same question

1 .

A) crowd funding is when a business gathers money from many people as possible, like donations.
B) you don’t need to be pay them back.
You can get many quickly.

Question 2 :

Question 3

3) If a business is holding low levels of inventory, it may be an advantage to them, as they’ll improve their cash flow forecast. As holding a low level of inventory means lower inventory costs which means less cash out flow. The business may also use this money to expand or keep it in the business for future needs ( retained profit ). Also, this may mean that the products will never be old and/or out dated.
However, this may mean that the business may have to delay some of customers’ orders as they’ll still be made, which may give a bad brand image and a bad brand reputation.

Determine which style is better